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We don’t want you to encounter any legal issues but if it is unavoidable, we want to be your trusted, professional & friendly attorney & lawyer in Kuala Lumpur who help to solve all of your family and business legal issues.


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There are 4 reasons why we are the preferred law firm in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


A nearby law firm for people who encounter legal issue in Kuala Lumpur as the law firm is located at the easy access district of Klang Valley, Puchong.


We have a team of experience and professional conveyancing, civil and real estate lawyer ready to deal with the legal issue you might encounter.


We love our job and enjoy the challenges of every cases. That's why we always give out the best of us to win the case.


With the practical experience we gained from the past and a mindset of never stop inventing, we could always think out some creative and innovative legal solutions for our clients.

What Lawyer Do you need?

Business Lawyer

We make sure corporations are in compliance with company laws and aware of their rights, responsibilities and duties. Read More >>>

Family Lawyer

The family legal issue we often dealing are Divorce, Child Custody, Probate Administration

Civil Lawyer

A civil law lawyer is an attorney that specializes in non-criminal litigation of civil cases Read More >>>

Criminal Lawyer

Criminal Law is a branch of law that deals with the punishment of individuals who have committed crimes. Read More >>>

Conveyancing Lawyer

Conveyancing lawyers facilitate and attend to all matter concerning property or real estate Read More >>>

Dispute Resolution Lawyer

The dispute matters we often dealing are Accident Claims, Defamation, Arbitration & etc Read More >>>